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21 Pictures Only "The Hobbit" Fans Will Think Are Funny

~Just Middle-earthy Things~

1. This sick burn by Bilbo.

2. And this one by Balin.

3. This Middle-earthy thing.

4. This My Little Pony crossover.

5. And this Little Mermaid one.

6. This uncanny resemblance.

7. This dig at Bilbo.

8. Thranduil really didn't want to be there anyway.

9. This ideal companion.

10. This Pixar spin-off.

11. And this sequel.

12. This evidence that Dwarves have terrible vision.

13. This perfect red carpet moment.

14. And here's Óin's interpretation.

15. This proof that nothing good can come from jewels.

16. But it's not like Thorin could really help it.

17. This lit Shire party.

18. This special edition cover art.

19. This accurate comparison.

20. This honest truth about the films.

21. And this much shorter version of the trilogy.