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One Ring

How Well Do You Know "Lord Of The Rings" Characters?

Age is just a number when you're an Elf.

Are You More Dumbledore Or Gandalf?

Let's find out if you belong to the order of Merlin or the Istari.

18 Snapchats From "Lord Of The Rings"

One Snap to rule them all.

Who Do You Think Is The Best "Lord Of The Rings" Character?

There can only be One to rule them all.

Fifty Shades Of Gandalf The Grey

"I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure..."

AMAZING! Young Artist Recreates The Hobbit Movie Posters

Check out these incredibly detailed drawings by an Australian Hobbit fan!

7 Previously Unsubtitled Lord Of The Rings Conversations

Because who hasn't wondered exactly what Gandalf was saying to that moth

The ACTUAL Love Story That Mattered: Legolas And Gimli

I just read that post about Legolas and Aragon. I felt passionately enough to create an account to set the record straight.

9 Signs You've Been Reading Too Much Tolkien

Really, put down that book NOW.

Gender Swapped "Lord Of The Rings" Casting Is Perfection

Tilda Swinton, Helen Mirren, and Cate Blanchett? Looks like Annis did all the casting, now Peter Jackson just needs to wrap The Hobbit and sign on.

Awesome Periodic Table Of Middle-Earth

Driven by his passion for Tolkien and Chemistry Emil Johansson of LotrProject created this equally beautiful and awesome periodic table with characters from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

How To Make Sense Of All The Characters From "The Hobbit"

In advance of the DVD/Blu-ray release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on March 19, here's a primer on all those dwarves. And hobbits, and elves, and wizards.

The Most Epic "Lord Of The Rings" Sand Castle Ever

Even Gandalf's magic couldn't do better. Using nothing but sand and water (and a single brace to keep birds from toppling the highest tower), Joseph Alvernaz recreated the Middle Earth icon.

Make-Up Test Shows Elijah Wood As Gollum

What would have happened if Tolkien's hero had caved under the pressure? This recently surfaced photo of Frodo gives us a disconcerting answer to that question.

15 Hobbit Cupcakes

You shall not pass on these Shire snacks.

Let's Be Honest About "Lord Of The Rings"

Now starring Homeless Magneto. Screen Junkies return to lambast the second most sacred series in geek culture.

"Hobbit" Pub Opens In New Zealand

The Green Dragon pub offers fans "a place to drink, a place to meet, a place to rest your hairy feet."

Hobbit Movie Dwarf Cheat Sheet Flowchart

An aid in the darkness of the cinema. Never forget who is who again!

35 Questions From When Gandalf Took Over "The Hobbit" Twitter

As always, Sir Ian McKellan was delightful.

All The Middle Earth Maps Your Cartographer Heart Desires

Everyone knows it isn't a proper fantasy setting without detailed maps of fictional locations. ThinkGeek has you covered whether you're a fan of the classic or prefer Dwarven map-making,

First Official Image From "The Hobbit" Of Legolas

His elf eyes can see into my soul, they're so blue and dreamy. Um, I mean, Orlando Bloom looks OK I guess.

The Cast Of "The Hobbit" Pose With Their Lego Doppelgängers

Being a celebrity has its perks. You know you've truly made it not when you get a star on the Walk of Fame, but when you're immortalized in Minifig form.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Musical Parody

Shots! Shots! Shots! These dwarves came to get krunk!

Someone Mashed "The Hobbit" Trailer With "The Goonies"

The results are predictably delightful. Going froward, Gandalf should narrate all movie adventures.

Haunting Dwarven Song From "The Hobbit"

"Song of the Lonely Mountain" captures the sadness and determination of the Dwarves. However it has a different cadence than the version sung by the Dwarves in the film

My Little Lord Of The Rings

This original animation is for all of you who ever wondered what The Lord of the Rings movies would be like with the cast ofMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic playing the major parts. Which should be pretty much everyone here, right?

3 New "Hobbit" Posters Released

The hype machine is kicking into overdrive. December 4th is nigh.

Some Guy Recreated Bilbo Baggins' Cottage With Balloons

Artist Jeremy Telford made a replica of Lord Of The Rings' Bag End cottage with over 2,600 balloons.

New Zealand Flight Safety Presented By "Hobbit" Characters

An unexpected briefing. And thus, New Zealand completes its transformation from a country to a realm of Middle Earth.

Stephen Colbert To Cameo In "The Hobbit"

I am Middle Earth and so can you. Sometimes it pays to be friends with Peter Jackson.

Goblin King Revealed As "The Hobbit" Toys Roll Out one ugly mug. The One Ring got a look at upcoming action figures, including some characters not yet revealed. (Warning: SPOILERS)

A Visual History Of Bilbo Baggins

Shall we go there and back again? Thanks to the soon-to-be-released Hobbit movie, images of Martin Freeman as Bilbo may dominate our consciousness. But Bilbo has had many different incarnations! Let's take a look at them.

"The Hobbit" Trailer Had Five Endings

And in the age of the Internet, who has time to watch the whole trailer five times? Luckily for you, we've captured the differences in one handy clip!

How To Throw The Best Hobbit Birthday Party

Are you ready to celebrate in style? September 22nd marks the birthday of Middle Earth's two most famous Hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

J.R.R. Tolkein Read Poems In Elvish

Because if you're going to painstakingly create a new language from scratch, you damn well are going to use it. The poem is Namárië.

Lord Of The Rings Etsy Shop By A Ten-Year-Old Boy

This is bound to make you go "awww." Paul Blazek loves sculpting polymer clay figures inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. So logically, with his mother's help, he opened an Etsy store to sell his creations.

Mondo Reveals New Lego Lord Of The Rings Poster At Comic-Con

And thus continues my lifelong love affair with Mondo. Be still my geek heart.

Mordor Recruitment Video

Join today and stop the invading Hobbit forces! Lord of the Rings looks really different through the eyes of Mordor natives.

This "Hobbit Song" Is Way Prettier Than You Might Think

Sorry, Leonard Nimoy. There's a new Hobbit song in town.

Lord of the Rings Vs One Direction

Wrong Direction - One Ring (Lord of the Rings Parody) One Boy Band to rule them all, One Song to find them, One Direction wrote it all and in this parody ruined them.

Lord of The Rings Pick-Up Lines

The Hobbit's coming out soon, and what better way to prepare than to revisit the swagga of our favorite LOTR characters?

Lord Of The Bromances, Remembered In Photos

The Lord of the Rings films spawned some of the most adorable public displays of manly friendship and affection the world has ever seen. 25 of the best of the hobbits (and elves and humans), during and after filming.

LOTR Characters Perform "Everybody"

This is why you don't simply walk into Mordor. Sauron likes to tape embarrassing dance parties, apparently.

Longboarding Gandalf

Who knew Gandalf had such a mean streak?

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