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Zach Braff Ran Into Former "Scrubs" Co-Stars And The Pics Are Cute

I miss them.

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Last night, Zach Braff attended the Entertainment Weekly and People Upfronts party.

Bryan Bedder / Getty

I don't really know or care what an Upfronts party is. But what I do care about is Zach Braff reuniting with former Scrubs co-stars at said party.


Like Scott Foley, aka Sean.

And Sarah Chalke, aka Elliot!!!

Instagram: @zachbraff


First of all, that face!


And second of all, J.D. AND ELLIOT FOREVER.


TBH, there aren't many more details on Zach's mini-reunions. I mean, Sarah did tweet last night that she was doing some late-night karaoke, and I'd like to think Zach was with her because you know he's definitely probably a karaoke guy.

But then again, maybe not. Either way, Zach gave us two pics with two Scrubs references and for that I'm thankful.


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