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17 Dog Owners Who Set The Bar Extremely High

A breed reveal party? Count me in.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most extra thing they've done as a dog owner. From impressive parties to custom portraiture, the responses did not disappoint!

1. These dog parents threw a "breed reveal party" when they got their pup's DNA test back.

2. The owners of these two doggos had a lagoon built in their pool so they could all cool off together!

"They each have a plastic Adirondack chair and an umbrella for them to lounge under during the dog days of summer. Clearly one of them enjoys it more than the other." —chacojones

3. This dog owner had a house built for Charlie and decked it out at Christmas time.

Instagram: @charlie.brown.thedog

"I had my dad make my dog, Charlie, a house to put inside my house. And I got some foam and sewed together a Dalmatian-patterned dog bed to fit in there." —rachiec36

4. And these two dogs got dressed up for their owner's "I dos" — wedding colors and all!

"My mom made my dogs a matching wedding dress and tuxedo when we got married. The wedding dress came complete with a veil and a garter."—hungryotter

5. There was no shortage of amazing birthday celebrations. Triscuit, Harley, and Laika all had impressive parties thrown in their honor.

6. Check out the birthday treats this spoiled bunch received!

7. And these two had extra special celebrations: Lola got a quinceañera and Gordy a Bark Mitzvah.

8. But how about this pet parent who drove the birthday girl around town with the windows down and "Who Let the Dogs Out?" turned up!

"I drove her around town just so people could appreciate her." —emmam41989cb27

9. Because Gertie and Gracie kept taking over the bed, their mom bought them their very own couch.

"It's not a cheap couch either!" —nadupasquier

10. Lucy here has a whole corner dedicated to her.

"Lucy has her own corner in our tiny 1-bedroom apartment, featuring portraits of her and her biological mom painted by my fiancé." —mackles

11. And It's unclear whether this is the dog's room or a human's room — but either way, this dog is loved!

"Need I say more? Lol!" —elizabetha4ec911d7e

12. You know how some people share chalkboard updates about their baby? Well Jax's parents basically did the furbaby version of this.

"This is Jax’s adoptiversary board! We adopted him so we don’t know his birthday, so we celebrate his “gotcha” day!"—meghanh17

13. These pup parents bought matching pajamas for the whole family.

"My dog didn’t want to take them off" —ivyrla

14. And speaking of pajamas, Daisy's face is all over this pair!

"Can you tell I love my Daisy?" —georgia2018

15. This group costume has more dogs than humans in it.

"Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby, and the Mystery Machine!" —Elizabeth Hernandez

16. Maternity shoot? How 'bout a "pupternity" one?

"We had 'pupternity' photos when my dog got my sister’s dog pregnant." —kelseyh4d476c4d5

17. And finally, this dog owner literally had their dogs painted as Marie Antoinette and Napoleon!!!

"They hang in my living room." —tke55el

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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