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    Ellen Asking J.Lo About A-Rod Is All Of Us Trying To Get The Gossip

    Ellen is nosey af and honestly same.

    So in case you haven't heard, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, aka J-Rod, are dating.

    Yes, their relationship is totally none of our business. But also, tell me everything. Thankfully, J.Lo recently stopped by The Ellen Show, and Ellen, well, Ellen GOT THE SCOOP.

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    Our girl Ellen jumped right in with the hard hitting Qs.

    She made sure to get every mundane detail she could.

    Really painting us a whole picture.

    Basically, J.Lo was having lunch in LA when she spotted A-Rod outside. She decided to follow him out there and give him the ol' tap on the shoulder. After some caj conversation, J.Lo and A-Rod agreed to hang out sometime.

    According to J.Lo, they already had each others numbers because he'd previously "called me about a referral for something else."

    But also, here's a not-at-all awkward photo from 2005 of A-Rod and J.Lo with her then-husband Marc Anthony.

    So yeah, J.Lo and A-Rod go way back. And after a successful first date, the rest was history!

    Naturally, Ellen didn't get her fill until she scared the shit out of J.Lo.

    (Which she thoroughly enjoyed because she's a maniac.)

    Anyway! Thank you, Ellen, for bringing to light the story of how J-Rod came to be.