21 Struggles That Are Too Real For People Who Blush Easily

    "You're so red!"

    1. Many people turn red when they are embarrassed, but you turn red basically anytime you speak.

    2. So when the teacher calls on you in class — even if you raise your hand and are speaking VOLUNTARILY — you turn red.

    3. God forbid you have to make a presentation. PLEASE NO ONE LOOK.

    4. Unfortunately, your thoughts can also make you blush.

    5. All you have to do is think about that one *thing* that happened in the third grade.

    6. Or that joke you made earlier that you thought was funny, but did anyone else even laugh???

    7. A lot of people turn red in the cold weather or when they're drinking alcohol, which means you turn extra, extra red.

    8. You'll never wear blush because your cheeks are naturally rosy, not to mention your entire face.

    9. Which is also why you're frequently compared to a tomato.

    10. In general, it's pretty hard to hide feelings you'd rather people not notice.

    11. Which makes it impossible to come off like the carefree, cool person you definitely are.

    12. Like when you're trying to be smooth around your crush. Is it really possible they haven't noticed the way your cheeks blush when they talk to you?

    13. Or when a friend teases you and instead of just taking it like a champ, you turn red and now you're the sensitive one. NO ONE WANTS TO BE THE SENSITIVE ONE.

    14. Anytime you're angry or flustered, you know your cheeks aren't holding anything back.

    15. But nothing's worse than when something actually embarrassing happens. You can't even pretend like you don't care.

    16. Truly, it's tragic that you can never blame an audible fart on anyone else because you'll be so red there's no point in denying it.

    17. You wish you could understand why you turn red so easily. Is it possible that you're just always embarrassed? Nervous? Shy? Cursed??????

    18. You've even considered telling people you have rosacea, which IDK, maybe it's true.

    19. At least you usually know when your face is red since it starts to feel hot.

    20. And if you don't, it's OK, because no doubt there's a pal close by to point out how red you are.

    21. Which only makes you turn a deeper shade of red and want to disappear forever.