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    17 Dog Moms Who Set The Bar Extremely High

    I can't let my dog see these pics!

    1. This dog mom turned a spare closet into a bedroom for her dog and yes, those are the dog's clothes on the hangers!

    2. This mom gives her pup a mini version of whatever the family has for dinner.

    3. And Jenna Marbles makes sure her dog never eats alone.

    My dog Marbles won’t eat his food unless I sit down on the floor right next to him. It would be kind of annoying until I think about how much I don’t like having a meal alone either. I sit on the floor with him twice a day so he can enjoy his meal with someone else.

    4. This dog's mom created an indoor space for her pup to use the bathroom during a hurricane.

    5. Lola's mom threw her a breed reveal party when she got her DNA results back.

    6. Mimi's mom threw her a quinceañera with both dog cake and human cake.

    7. And to celebrate her dog's big day, this mom drove her pup around town just so people could admire her.

    emmam41989cb27 / Via

    8. This dog mom wasn't going to let her pup poop in the rain without an umbrella.

    9. This handsome boy always looks his best thanks to his mom.

    10. And this mom wasn't going to get into the spooky spirit without her dog.

    11. This dog mama made sure all six of her furbabies had full stockings Christmas morning.

    12. And this dog mom not only let her pup open presents early, but gifted him a whole box of brand new tennis balls.

    13. This dog's mom packed her a bag when she went to stay with a friend for just a few hours.

    14. This mom took her puppy on a shopping spree.

    Them: “Are you gonna spoil your future kids?” Me:

    15. This dog mom made things permanent with a beautiful tattoo of her pup.

    Twitter: @taraxhouse

    Tattoo artist: Sadee Glover

    16. This dog wasn't feeling well so his mom let him take over the living room.

    17. And finally, this dog mom (who happens to be Paris Hilton) hooked her dogs up with a two-story, fully furnished home that even has AC and heat.

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