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Just 13 Forgotten About Haikus Written By Chris Pratt In 2011

These speak for themselves.

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1. "Content Brain"

Haiku of the day. My liver hates me. My kidneys are pretty mad. My brain though? Content.

2. "Important Meeting"

haiku of the day: should probably bathe ah fuck it, where's my wet naps? important meeting.

3. "Shrinking Jeans"

Haiku of the day: Are my jeans shrinking? Has my dryer gone faulty? Nope, I just got fat.

4. "Pink Lei"

Second haiku of the day: wearing a pink lei. On my head like a weirdo. I like how it looks.

5. "Sleeping with the Enemy"

haiku of the day: cuddles with the wife. sleeping with the enemy. is on amc.

6. "5K"

haiku of the day: I ran a 5K. My time would have been better. But I stopped to poop.

7. "Buddy"

Random fact haiku of the day: I had a dog once. Buddy, he died on the road. Touring with Zeppelin.

8. "Coyote Trap"

Haiku of the day: Engineer needed. For work on coyote trap. Laser skills a must.

9. "Pounding Cupcakes"

haiku of the day: Got a thrown out back. Prolly gonna shit my pants. Just pounding cupcakes.

10. "Tight Jeans"

haiku of the day: My toes are buzzing. Circulation is cut off. Tight ass fucking jeans.

11. "Cookie by Cookie"

haiku of the day 2: Craft service table. I will fucking destroy you. cookie by cookie.

12. ""

haiku of the day: Rejoice Followers! It's DEATH METAL SATURDAY! See ChrisPratt.Com

13. "Ceelo"

Haiku of the day: Dancing to Ceelo. Put that shit in and blast it! I'm smiling so big!!!!

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