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    19 Times Chris Pratt And Bryce Dallas Howard Were The Cutest Costars

    I love this friendship!

    1. With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom coming out this week, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have been everywhere.

    2. And honestly, I’m ok with it because they are seriously so great together.

    3. Sure, the haters will say that of course they have to act like they like each other... they're promoting a movie. But for the non-haters, let's just bask in this glorious friendship for a bit.

    4. First, they make each other laugh non-stop.

    5. And, if you haven't heard Bryce Dallas Howard's laugh than you are missing out.

    6. They tell each other secrets like, I don't know, the plot of Avengers 4!!!

    7. They're total goofballs together. Like in this video, Bryce makes the sound of a T. rex while Chris acts it out.

    8. Bryce is Chris's biggest fan: She loves "What's My Snack" and watched all of his "Jurassic Journals".

    9. And speaking of "What's My Snack", Chris said that while filming, Bryce would always save him snacks that she knew he liked instead of eating them herself.

    10. This is how Bryce responds when asked what it's like working with Chris:

    11. Honestly, get you a friend like Bryce Dallas Howard.

    12. Chris has nothing but high praises for Bryce, saying in his Instagram caption: "She’s smart, talented and works as hard as anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve never seen her in a bad mood. She does it all."

    13. He is totally excited for her to begin directing full time.

    14. He made sure her hair looked picture-perfect for a photo call.

    15. And in this super cute moment, Chris gave Bryce one of those comforting little shoulder hugs when she got emotional about Jurassic Park's legacy.

    16. In another great moment, Bryce accidentally insulted Chris when asked what three things she does before a kissing scene with him.

    17. And she recently teamed up with Aubrey Plaza to lovingly roast Chris before he received MTV's Generation Award.

    18. Anyway, this Tumblr post just about sums up this beautiful friendship.

    19. Good thing there's going to be another Jurassic World movie!!!