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    Chad From "The Bachelorette" Said Half The Contestants Are Cheaters

    He's the gift that keeps on giving.

    Tonight, there’s a new episode of The Bachelorette — the first episode with no Chad.


    Even though Chad is no longer with us (RIP), the dude's not going away ANYTIME soon.


    This morning on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show, Andy had quite the gossip sesh with the good ol' Chad Bear.

    And to briefly summarize, here's what Chad had to say:

    1. He's not a violent meathead.


    "People think I’m this violent, crazy person who, like, hurts women or something like that. I treat my women very well. That’s my thing."

    2. He thinks Luke is the best-looking guy in the house besides himself.


    "He’s a little weird and sketchy sometimes, but not a bad-looking dude."

    3. JoJo was only his type "looks-wise."

    Rick Rowell / ABC

    "I like a girl who doesn’t care what other people think. Based on the decisions [JoJo] was making, and what she was doing, and keeping Evan ... she was just thinking like, What would America think? I mean, looks-wise, she's my type."

    4. And apparently, half the guys in the house are cheating on their girlfriends.

    Let's expand on this, shall we?

    You might remember last week when Chad did a very Chad thing and Instagrammed a pic of himself and Robby’s ex-girlfriend kissing.

    WELL, ABOUT THAT. Andy asked him if he was trying to get under Robby’s skin — but no, Chad had other reasons.


    “You got all these guys going on the show. They’re acting so nice, ‘They’re such good guys,'" he told Andy.


    "At the end of the day, half these guys are cheating on their girlfriends, half of them broke up with girlfriends to be on the show.”


    But you know who is a good guy? Chad.


    “I wouldn’t do that. I’m the only one with an actual real reason for coming on the show — to meet somebody.”

    Do with this information what you will, but I think we can all agree that casting Chad on Bachelor in Paradise was a damn good idea.

    ABC / Via

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