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    Lauren B. Has Since Discovered That Ben Higgins Is A Loud Breather

    Could be worse!

    Last night was the season finale of The Bachelor, and in case you somehow haven't heard, Ben chose Lauren B. over JoJo.


    The two stopped by Jimmy Kimmel after the final episode to talk about what life’s been like since filming wrapped in November.

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    Like the rest of us, Jimmy wanted to know if there’s anything they’ve learned about each other since that they don’t like.


    Turns out, Lauren thinks Ben breathes too loudly.

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    Yep, Ben Higgins is a mouth-breather.


    He also apparently prays too loudly.


    A+ burn, Jimmy.

    Ben didn’t really have any complaints, but did mention in a separate clip that Lauren likes to sleep in. He's more of an up-at-7 a.m. kind of guy.


    You *would* be a morning person, Ben Higgins.


    Well, congrats you two. Hopefully heavy breathing is the worst of your problems!


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