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    29 Things Millennials Killed In 2016

    *shakes fist at sky* MILLENNIALS!!!

    1. The millennial murder spree started off slow in January 2016 with the American wine industry.

    2. By early February they had taken out the Toyota Scion with the help of an older generation.

    3. They tried and failed to kill off the wine cork.

    4. In March, they ruined hotels for EVERYONE.

    5. Napkins took a hit too.

    6. In April, they killed the McWrap. RIP, McWrap.

    7. And the movie business!

    8. May started off with the death of running.

    9. Canadian tourism industry? Say it AIN'T SO.

    10. And how 'bout a moment of silence for crowdfunding, bruh?

    11. June was a mostly quiet month, until millennials and their "style of life" came for retailers.

    12. Things really picked up the rest of the year! In July, millennials killed golf.

    13. Democracy was MURDERED.

    14. They ruined handshakes...

    15. ...and KILLED the EU. Killed it, I say!

    16. In August, they continued with their cereal killing.

    17. And brought call center productivity to its deathbed.

    18. Let's not forget vacations!

    19. Oh, and the Olympics. Yup, millennials ruined them.

    20. They finished out the month with the murder of bars of soap. It's all so tragic, really.

    21. In September, the DVR started its slow demise thanks to millennials.

    22. America's dead, by the way! And this is just part one, people!

    23. They ruined office life as a whole...

    24. ...and the Mexican internet!

    25. Light yogurt?! WHYYYYYYYY?

    26. October brought with it a dead Big Mac.

    27. Millennials everywhere ruined their parents' retirement plans.

    28. Gyms are dead. :(

    29. And by the end of October, grocers — yes, grocers — felt the chill (of death) from millennials.

    Hey, millennials! Let us know what else you murdered this year in the comments below.

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