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    Updated on Jul 28, 2018. Posted on Jul 25, 2018

    17 Things You'll Get If You Love To Recycle

    *pulls plastic bottle out of garbage and places in recycling bin*

    1. When there’s no recycling bin in sight:

    2. So you bring your recyclables home with you:

    Really wondering why it isn’t a LAW for every public place to have a recycling bin next to every trash can? I shouldn’t have to bring my trash home with me in order to recycle.

    3. Taking recyclables out of the trash and putting them where they belong:

    Tonight I walked around with a plastic bag and took every bottle out of every single trash can that I could find to put them in recycle

    4. Even at parties:

    *at a party* Why are you digging through my trash? First of all Becky, I'm trying to recycle the beer cans you put in there

    5. A solid recycling setup:

    6. Especially one that takes a whole variety of things:

    7. Including plastic bags?! Wow!

    8. Taking pride in your own recycling system at home:

    9. If you’re responsible for dropping off your recyclables, then maybe you've been here before:

    10. Hardcore reminders to recycle:

    11. And perhaps posting a reminder or two of your own:

    This #PlasticFreeJuly I’m being THAT GUY at the office and making signs to encourage everyone to reduce their use! #recycling

    12. Being part of a recycling club:

    13. The satisfaction in completely cleaning out a jar of peanut butter so that it can be recycled:

    14. Never traveling without your reusable water bottle.

    15. And remembering your reusable totes for every shopping trip:

    Cartoon Network / Via

    16. Finding cool and innovative ways to reuse:

    17. And loving recycling so much that you've taken a picture with it:

    Thank you for recycling and keep doing what you're doing!

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