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2017 Might Not Suck Because There's Going To Be A Girl Scout S'Mores Cookie

Campfire cookies, anyone?

🚨 You guys. The Girl Scouts just came out with TWO new s'mores cookies. 🚨

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The new flavors are takes on the classic s'more — and both are available starting today, as part of the 2017 cookie season.

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This season also marks the 100th anniversary of the first-ever sale of cookies by a Girl Scout. Each box will cost around $4 and can be purchased via your local neighborhood Girl Scout troop or — if you don’t personally know of one — can be ordered online. (Note, however, that even the online option requires you to go through a local Girl Scout troop or cookie booth.)

The Girl Scouts will determine future availability as the cookie season progress, meaning this year might be your one and only chance to try a S'mores Girl Scout cookie. So, without further ado:

This is what the chocolate-covered kind looks like:

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

It's a crisp cookie covered in a layer of creme icing and chocolate.

And here's the Graham cracker version:

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

It's got a chocolate-marshmallow filling, and is basically an inverted version of the first cookie.

To offer you the most ~thorough reporting~ of the new flavors, we decided to try them out. Here are our intrepid taste testers Lei, Dave, Angela, and Brett:

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

We started with the chocolate-covered cookie. Most were disappointed by the lack of marshmallow flavor:

"There’s not enough marshmallow or whatever that white part is." —Lei Valdez

"It kind of just tastes like a cookie covered in chocolate. It could do better, but I guess at the end of the day, a cookie’s a cookie and I’m happy." —Dave Stopera

"I’m definitely not getting any marshmallow flavor in this. It tastes like something I've had before, but NOTHING like s’mores in my opinion." —Angela Krasnick

"I mean, it works for me, but there’s no marshmallow whatsoever. It doesn’t take me back to a childhood memory of summer camp by a fire, but it’s a cookie so it works." —Brett Vergara

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

The Graham cracker cookie got more love. Everyone was strangely obsessed with the designs and preferred the more s'mores-like taste:

"First of all, this one’s so cute — mine has a horse on it. This has more of a s’mores taste than the chocolate-covered one. I feel like it’s a lot; I'd only have one of these." —Lei Valdez

"First off, I love the feel of these. It's got good weight, good heft, a squirrel sounding a bugle. And I'm a big fan of any cookie with some filling because you can scrape it with your teeth. This one's good — I'm gonna give it a 10/10." —Dave Stopera

"It's more s'mores-ey but I think I like the other cookie better." —Angela Krasnick

"I'm not quite sure what’s going on with the design (I think it's a turtle with a torch?) but I do like the cave carving aesthetic. It has a nice s’mores aroma and a classic s’mores melt going on, so I’m a fan of this one a little bit more." —Brett Vergara

For comparison's sake, we tried a real s'mores:

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

As expected, the taste of gooey marshmallow and chocolate was unmatched.

And based on our findings, we concluded this is probably the best way to eat your Girl Scout S’mores cookies:

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

*Add an extra marshmallow for maximum s'mores authenticity.

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