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Twitter's Debate On Stovetop Burners Will Make You Rethink Your Kitchen Habits

"One of the weirder things about being an adult is having a favorite stovetop burner, yet nobody talks about it."

As many of you know, adulthood encompasses many unexpected habits and routines.


And this week, Twitter damn near lost it discussing the most mundane adult opinions of them all: the best stovetop burner. 😂

Classic Twitter.

It all started when Austin-resident Andrew Armstrong tweeted an image of his preferred stovetop burner, describing the preference as one of the weirder parts of adulthood.

One of the weirder things about being an adult is having a favorite stovetop burner, yet nobody talks about it.

He wrote the tweet after realizing that his kitchen's front right burner, aka the "good" burner, was always the dirtiest.

Andrew Armstrong

It was also the one most frequently in use by himself and his roommates during dinnertime. "So I knew I wasn't the only one showing stovetop favoritism," Armstrong said.

Of course, many people agreed.

@STLduck3 / Via Twitter: @STLduck3

One person called out the obvious logic behind the preference.

@HiggsyPigsy / Via Twitter: @HiggsyPigsy

We even got the fact confirmed by a spokesperson from Kenmore, a prominent household appliance brand, who said that the most powerful burner is generally located on the front right.


"This has been the paradigm for cooktops in the U.S.," Kenmore Brand Product Manager Anthony Lam said. "We purposely put the best burner in the front right because customers are used to having it in that location."

And FYI, most gas stovetops have just one high power burner (i.e. 18k+ BTUs) "because of UL Temperature restrictions," Lam says. So yeah, it makes sense that most people would have a favorite.

Others though, vehemently disagreed with Armstrong, pointing out that actually, the front left burner is ideally sized for most meals.

@douglascodes / Via Twitter: @douglascodes

On the other hand, left-handed folk had a pretty solid argument to base their preference (the front right burner) on.

@janada_54 / Via Twitter: @janada_54

For some of us, if we're being completely honest, the best burner is really just the one that still works, lol.

@Kiloku / Via Twitter: @Kiloku
  1. What's your preferred stovetop burner?

    What's your preferred stovetop burner?

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