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    I Just Learned Starbucks In South Korea Is Bonkers AF

    South Korean Starbucks is living in 3018, while we're here in 2018.

    Most Americans are familiar with Starbucks, purveyor of coffee, Frappuccinos, and other caffeinated delights.


    The chain is so ubiquitous in the US, most people have the menu memorized.

    Well, I recently learned that Starbucks in South Korea is on a whole 😲 'nother 😲 level.


    According to this 2014 NBC report, that's because in South Korea, coffee is associated with a luxurious lifestyle.

    "A paper cup from Starbucks and other franchises has become a status symbol," one person interviewed for the story said.

    Take this blended avocado frappuccino, for one. It's avocado-flavored and features a white chocolate "pit."

    Or this sweet potato one, which is like, a guaranteed 100 Insta likes and honestly? Sounds better than a PSL.

    You sure bet I'd be a shameless Starbucks stan if my drink had macadamia cookie crumbs.

    *Buries face, hopes, and dreams in foam*

    Honestly, this is straight out of London's hottest new afternoon tea joint*.

    Moving on to the snacks, though.

    I'd buy these little yogurt pots for the containers themselves.

    I don't believe in magic but I do believe in these lemon tarts.

    And screw cake pops, I want this red velvet cake push-up pop.

    All I am saying is if my Starbucks served little puffy clouds of strawberry whipped cream like this I'd be okay with many upsetting parts of my life.

    If slices of tangerine cheesecake and peanut cream latte are what Koreans get at Starbucks, what is their McDonald's like?!

    I'm just wondering: Is the Korean Starbucks a completely different company?

    In conclusion, Crazy Rich Asians was based on a single visit to a Starbucks in Seoul.