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    Literally Every Chain Offering Free Coffee Tomorrow

    Get that buzz.

    In honor of literally the most exciting day of the year, aka National Coffee Day, several coffee retailers will be offering coffee deals tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 29.


    Here's every single shop you should hit up for a free or discounted cup of Joe:

    1. Krispy Kreme

    2. Cinnabon

    3. Wawa

    4. Peet's Coffee

    5. McDonald's

    6. Dunkin' Donuts

    7. 7-Eleven

    8. Cumberland Farms

    9. Birch Coffee

    Talia Harris (Lion & Lamb)

    The deal: Pay what you want for any coffee-based beverage. With this promotion, Birch hopes to "instill a stronger understanding and appreciation for the people involved in the process of getting coffee from the farm to the cup." Find a participating location here.

    10. Sheetz

    11. Pilot Coffee

    12. White Castle

    Happy caffeinating!