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It Snowed In Texas, So People Got Hella Creative

I'm legit impressed.

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So, it is really friggin' cold in Texas right now.

12K customers without power in four East Texas counties #etxsnow #etxwx

All thanks to Winter Storm Inga, which has made temperatures plummet.

That one time, when you made a fire in Austin and it was 28 degrees...

The unexpected cold snap has forced Texans to get ~creative~ — especially when it comes to de-icing their cars.

Gramercy Pictures

Ice scrapers? Nahh.

No ice scraper? Use a frisbee! 😂#etxwx

Sounds about right:

Some have been using fly swatters to pierce through the ice:

People have even started using BBQ spatulas to clean their windows:

In Texas, we may not all have ice scrapers, but we sure have BBQ spatulas. Send your winter weather videos and phot…

But is the broom cleaning the ice here, or vice versa?

What Texans use as an ice scraper when they definitely don't have one

This is probably the MOST Texan alternative to an ice scraper though:

Okay, this might be the most Texas of all the makeshift ice scrapers we've seen--a tamale spreader! Send us your vi…

Some folks have also turned to alcohol for help:

This morning I poured an entire bottle of titos vodka on my windshield to unfreeze it 10 minutes before work. It wo…

...Because FYI, cool water + rubbing alcohol is one of the most effective ways to de-ice your windows ☝️:

@JJWatt @JJWatt what about 1/3 cup water to 2/3 cup alcohol in spray bottle as a de-icer ???

And, thankfully, things should be warming up by the end of the week. Stay safe out there, errybody!


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