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    13 Weird Alcohol Combos That Actually Taste Incredible

    From all around the world.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us the most popular DIY booze creations from around the world. Here are the best submissions:

    1. Germany: Beer + Sprite

    2. Netherlands: Black vodka + Fristi

    3. Canada: Rye + Ginger ale

    4. Argentina: Fernet + Coke

    5. Colombia: Lager beer + Colombiana soda

    6. France: Vodka + sorbet

    7. Spain: Red wine + Coca-Cola

    8. India: Old Monk rum + watermelon juice

    9. Sweden: Limoncello + Sprite

    10. Mexico: Tequila + Squirt soda

    11. South Korea: Soju + Beer

    12. China: Whiskey + green tea

    13. Germany: Vodka + Club Mate

    What's your favorite or most popular booze creation where you're from? Tell us in the comments below!

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