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    Why This Is The Only Food Subscription Service I Like

    I was skeptical going into it, but TBH, the whole thing kind of overdelivered.

    As much as I love food AND convenience, I'm not a huge fan of food subscription boxes. Most are overpriced, time-consuming, and most importantly, require me to pick up and carry a very heavy box from my door to my kitchen.


    Also, I'm just a broke millennial with little time left over after my two dozen self-care routines, none of which involve squats.

    So when I tried Hungryroot for the first time, my expectations were pretty low.


    Hungryroot markets itself as a plant-forward food subscription service that offers ingredients you're expected to mix and match together to your liking. You can compose a box from options like pea snaps and cauliflower rice, and whole wheat sprouted flatbread and mango culture coconut cream.

    There's no recipe card, nothing you're expected to chop up or blend, and no tiny little packets of sauces and herbs. Instead of a few meals, you get a bunch of easy-to-pair ingredients, sauces, and desserts. I'm pretty sure their target audience is the lazy and/or time-strapped millennial whose Instagram feed is 75% wellness accounts.

    It costs $69 for 11 items, $99 for 16 items, and $129 for 21 items. If you're a first-time customer though, you can get the second two plans for $89 and $99, respectively. It's a ton of money. I know. Skip to the bottom to read my thoughts on that.

    But honestly? It kind of overdelivered.

    Michelle No / BuzzFeed

    It still had its drawbacks, but overall, I was sold.

    Here's what I liked about it:

    1. It is EXTREMELY time-saving. You can compose meals by combining two of the ingredients, as opposed to having to cook an hour-long, 7-step recipe that usually results in you eating at like, 9:30pm.

    Michelle No / BuzzFeed

    It's so easy even your kids could do it. And if you're out of ideas, Hungryroot includes a list of combo suggestions tailored to whatever you ordered that week. My favorite combos are either sprouted flatbread + sliced salmon + a schmear of cashew cheddar OR plantain noodles + mushroom chicken meatballs + chickpea pesto OR black bean brownie batter + black bean brownie batter + black bean brownie batter.

    2. It has some of the tastiest DAIRY-FREE sauces I've ever tried. From chickpea pesto, to cashew cheddar, to garlic parm, each dairy-free sauce I tried was creamy, "cheesy," and went perfectly with my go-to bases of pasta and cooked vegetables.

    3. All the ingredients are PRE-CUT, meaning you never have to risk your life trying to cut butternut squash again.

    4. Everything is HEALTHY-ISH.

    Michelle No / BuzzFeed

    If you're trying to work more vegetables or whole foods into your diet, want to wean yourself off uber-processed ingredients, or are generally trying to reset your nutrition, but don't have much time or kitchen skills, this might be a good option for you. In addition to the pre-cut vegetables, all the items have a list of pronounceable ingredients.

    5. The SALMON options honestly make the whole thing worth it.

    Michelle No / BuzzFeed

    I usually pay more than $20 at the grocery store for just two or so servings of salmon. So Hungryroot's offering of hot smoked roasted salmon, or cold smoked sliced salmon, both of which are two servings each, and both of which you can include in a single delivery, honestly making a single delivery worth the buck.

    6. ...As well as the cult favorite BLACK BEAN BROWNIE BATTER and ALMOND CHICKPEA COOKIE DOUGH.

    All that said, it's not perfect. It's expensive and likely unsustainable for many many. It's better thought of as a gift!

    Michelle No / BuzzFeed

    Above all, this stuff is EXPENSIVE. For the cheapest pack, which is $70, I can buy almost two weeks worth of groceries. This all means that I'll consider this more as a luxury (in the same vein as hiring a cleaner) I'll treat myself to when I'm struggling through a very busy week at work but don't want to turn to fast food options, or as a birthday gift to that one foodie friend obsessed with all the latest wellness trends. Personally, I could never afford this as a monthly subscription. It makes sense that the company prominently features a "Gift" option at the top of its website.

    Also, like all other delivery services out there, it uses an excessive amount of plastic packaging. In my opinion, the responsibility to ensure as little environmental impact as possible should be on the money-making entity, not the consumer. Passing it off (in the form of "recyclable packaging") to us is just lazy. Ok, that's my TED talk, thanks for listening.

    If you want to try Hungryroot, the company offers a discounted rate of $89 on 16 items to first-timers.

    There's also the cheaper $69 option for 11 items.

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