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    Here's A Meal Prep Plan For Every Kind Of Eater

    They're all pretty tasty, too.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    Meal prepping is a meal planning strategy that involves batch-cooking ingredients on a single day, and then using those ingredients to easily construct meals throughout the week. It saves money, helps you stick to your health goals, and is something everyone should try!


    Instead of wasting money on pricey lunch salads or excessively indulgent takeout, why not take a single Sunday afternoon to prep all your meals for the week? You'll save yourself money and some mental headspace you can then use to dedicate to friends, family, work, and relaxation.

    If you're just getting started, check out our best meal prepping tips here. And to find the meal prep plan that's best for you, check out our nine selections below.

    1. For the eater on a budget:

    Includes: dairy, meat (but all recipes include vegan substitutions), nuts

    Days: 7

    This plan is just under $50 a week, and includes delicious and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

    Get the budget meal prep plan.

    2. For the Whole30 eater:

    Includes: meat, eggs.

    Days: 5

    This meal plans relies on inexpensive, common vegetables like potatoes, broccoli, and onions, and doesn't include any dairy — but it does include meat and eggs.

    Get the Whole30 meal prep plan.

    3. For the person giving keto a try:

    Includes: dairy, meat, almonds

    Days: 7

    If you're interested in trying out the keto diet and want to set yourself up for success, then try out this plan, which also includes nutrition and carb info for each recipe.

    Get the keto meal prep plan.

    4. For the eater trying to restrict their calories:

    Includes: dairy, meat, almonds

    Days: 7

    Lunches on this plan include easy-to-make recipes like chicken cauliflower fried rice and quinoa kale salads, while dinners consist of high-protein options like lemon roasted salmon with asparagus. Each day's worth of meals adds up to roughly 1,500 calories.

    Get the low-calorie meal prep plan.

    5. For the wholesome vegan:

    Includes: nuts

    Days: 5

    If you're trying to cut animal products out of your diet, give a vegan meal prep plan a try. It'll guide you through an entire Sunday of meal prep, and set you up for five days of non-boring vegan meals, including recipes like blueberry muffin overnight oats and creamy chickpea and avocado sandwiches.

    Get the wholesome vegan meal prep plan.

    6. For the high-protein eater:

    Includes: meat, dairy

    Days: 4

    Whatever your gym or athletic goals, you might be the kind of person who needs a solid serving of protein with every main meal. If that's the case, try this meal plan, which lets you choose two recipes to prep on Sunday for four days of lunch and dinner.

    Get the high-protein meal prep plan.

    7. For the vegetarian who loves bowls:

    Includes: basically only vegetables and some pasta and grains

    Days: 4

    To make this plan work for you, simply pick two of the four vegetarian bowl recipes from the second section, and use them as your template for lunch and dinner for Monday through Thursday.

    Get the vegetarian meal prep plan.

    8. For the food pro who knows their way around a kitchen:

    Includes meat, eggs.

    Days: 5

    If you're a pro in the kitchen and have experience meal prepping, then try out this plan for size. It's a little more ambitious, in my opinion, and challenges you to make things like your own mayo and green goddess dressing as well as dishes like hibachi-style chicken with magic mustard sauce. But it's all worth the effort.

    Get the meal prep plan.

    9. For people trying to cut sugar out of their diet:

    Includes: meat, dairy, nuts, soy

    Days: 7

    If you're trying to wean yourself off of sugar (it's everywhere!), then try out this plan, which guides you through a bunch of recipes that have no added sugar but are still totally delicious and indulgent.

    Get the no-added-sugar meal prep plan.