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We Need To Know: Do You Wash Chicken Before Cooking It?

An investigation.

For a lot of us, chicken is a fundamental ingredient in our diets.

But it's recently come to my attention that people are completely divided in the way they prepare it.

Apparently, people either wash chicken before cooking it OR completely bypass the washing step.

Personally, I've NEVER washed raw chicken in my life and I'm baffled that this is a practice.

But according to Twitter, there are a ton of people who think washing chicken before cooking it is a MUST. 🤔

A lot of home cooks are appalled by the idea of unwashed chicken:

...and worried about the possible salmonella that might fester in their raw chicken:

On the other hand, many other people just DGAF:

And think it's a waste of time:

...or, like me, are just discovering that this is a thing that people do:

To add to my confusion, I did a little more digging and found that the FDA definitively recommends that you do NOT wash your chicken before cooking it, as this "may increase the risk of contaminating other foods and surfaces." But a ton of people still do it: