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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Storing Butter At Room Temperature

We talked to the FDA, a germ expert, and a prominent NYC chef.

Everyone knows the frustrating experience of trying to spread cold butter onto a piece of toast.

And despite how much bread we ruin using cold butter, most of us still store ours in the fridge for food safety reasons — at least according to this poll.

I wanted to know: Is it actually dangerous to leave butter at room temperature? Or have I been ruining dozens of toasts with cold butter for no reason at all? To get to the bottom of these questions, I decided to ask the experts.

Their answers, in my honest, non-exaggerated opinion were SHOCKING...

According to Peter Cassell, from the FDA, a good quality butter can be stored for up to ten days at 68°F. TEN DAYS!!! 😱

Well, that was completely unexpected 🤔. So, I got a second opinion from germ expert Kelly Reynolds.

Her response? "Pasteurized butter is generally safe to leave out for up to ten days without spoiling."

At this point, I'm beginning to believe this theory of leaving butter at room temperature. For final confirmation, I asked a chef who feeds hundreds of people on a daily basis, Chef Nick Testa of The Bonnie (NYC).

And no surprises here, even Chef Testa prefers to leave butter out, for optimal deliciousness.

According to Chef Testa, there are a few times when it pays to store butter in the fridge though. Namely, if you're making biscuits or want fluffier eggs.

So, it's official: According to two health authorities and one culinary expert, you are free to leave your butter out on the counter.