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Twinkies' New Flavor Will Make You Feel Things

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Everyone loves Twinkies, right?

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Even if you're a juice cleansing, meal-prepping olympian, you can't deny the nostalgic pull of this cream-filled snack.

IMO: They're the perfect treat-yourself snack, the everyman's comfort food, and a sweet pick-me-up.

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And starting this week, they'll be available in a new flavor — and it's frankly the best thing since Reese's Peanut Butter cups.

Cartoon Network

The new flavor I am talking about is of course — CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER 😍

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The new Twinkies will be made with chocolate cake and a peanut butter crème filling. *Sighs*

Look at these beauties.

Be still my beating heart.

Are you licking your lips yet?


They'll be available starting this week in select markets, and soon, everywhere.

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"The product has started flowing into local grocery and mass retailers and will be available nationwide in the coming weeks," a Hostess spokesperson told BuzzFeed Food.

Honestly? This is the pretty much the best news since that one time Twinkies went bankrupt and then came back in 2013.

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Winter 2012 was rough for a reason.

BRB, starting my own food fair with fried chocolate peanut butter Twinkies.

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