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We Tried Chipotle's New Menu, And We Have Mixed Opinions

Here's what to try and what to skip.

ICYMI: Chipotle recently started testing a bunch of new menu items — including nachos, quesadillas, a chocolate shake, avocado tostadas, and an updated salad.

As your fearless food investigators, we had to try these additions for ourselves and decide whether they were another queso episode, or actually The Next Best Thing.

First we tried the steak quesadilla. Chipotle stans will know that quesadillas aren't new — but apparently, this one uses a brand-new steak recipe.

Then we tried the chocolate milkshake. It was so good (and THICC) — and 10/10 we'd order another.

The avocado tostada was fine, and a solid vegetarian option, but more of a snack than an entree.

Then came the nachos with barbacoa. They were SO DAMN GOOD and potentially the best "new" item on the menu.

And we know the salad here is the least interesting thing, but we did enjoy the new avocado vinaigrette, which was zesty and just a little creamy.

TL;DR: The nachos, quesadilla, and chocolate shake are objectively delicious and WORTH A TRY. The avocado tostada and salads were pretty good too, but maybe better saved for your second visit.