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24 Celebrities Who Love Food Just As Much As You Do

My personal recipe for happiness is very similar to the recipe for chocolate chip cookies. —Shalyah Evans

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1. This description of a perfect friend:

Just once I'd like to hear "Aziz, looks like you gained a few pounds! You must be eating a lot of delicious food. Good for you."

2. This ode to squash:

Thank you, butternut squash, for being an appetizing food despite having the words butt, nut, and squash in your name. #thankyounotefriday

3. This practical use of food:

Just taught my kids about taxes by eating 38% of their ice cream.

4. This commitment to chicken:

5. This dazed feel:

6. This call for regular-size Halloween candy:

Halloween candy should not be called "fun size" because it is not fun unwrapping 150 mini snickers in one sitting

7. This election we'd rather participate in:

A lot of great candidates, and I just can’t make up my mind. Ok, fine. In-N-Out Burger. #dinner

8. This ideal 4/20 meal:

#Happy420! I hope you celebrate with a cake. And some Pringles. And a pizza. And a cupcake. And Oreos. And another cake.

9. This confused feeling we can all relate to:

I'm wandering around Whole Foods like tom hanks in The Terminal

10. This truly insulting serving size:

Look at the size of the slice of pie my son gave me a few minutes ago before I grounded him for 2 years.

11. This cleaning solution:

My kid found a jar of chocolate covered almonds & scattered them across the floor. I did the only logical thing & cleaned* them up. *ate.

12. This pizza obsession:

13. This actually good point:

Why are we excited about Oreo Thins? I'm still waiting on triple-stuffed. So.

14. This truism:

15. This perfectly acceptable way to eat wedding cake:

Serious question: how much are wedding cakes? And how weird would it be if I wanted to buy one just to eat? By myself?

16. This dedication to the best meal of the day:

I ate cereal for dinner last night because I am a grown ass woman and I CAN.

17. This correct use of candy corn:

The day after Halloween I'm going to dress up as a sexy pile of vomit with some candy corn in it.

18. This bland excuse of a snack:

A handful of almonds is a sensible snack to throw in someone's face & demand where the real snacks are

19. This explanation for a chocolate addiction:

My personal recipe for happiness is very similar to the recipe for chocolate chip cookies

20. This place we've all been in:

Got recognized by my food delivery man. Woulda been dope had I not been ordering food at 3pm on a Tuesday wearing a cat shirt and weeping

21. This need for different beauty standards:

I wish we could all agree to adjust our cultural perspective on beauty so that I could eat more.

22. This wishful thinking:

You know when you wake up and you're like, "I'm gonna be super healthy today" and then you eat a whole chocolate egg and a 40

23. This perfect sentence:

"Hey I know you didn't mention being hungry, but here's a tasty snack if you want it." - Greatest Thing Ever Said to Me

24. This astute observation:

Garfield's favorite food is THE most labor intensive dish you could ask someone to make for you and he eats it in one bite like an asshole

UPDATE: A tweet from a Bill Murray parody Twitter account was originally included in this post and has been replaced with a tweet from Anna Kendrick.

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