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Here's What You'll Be Eating Next Year, According To Pinterest

Including a new superfood, a hybrid diet, and lots of bread.

There's a lot to look forward to in 2019, but best of all are new food trends that'll shake up the way you eat. To help you get excited, we looked at the Pinterest 100, the company's annual data-driven list of trends you can anticipate in the coming year.


And by the way, Pinterest defines a trend as a search term or topic that is able to get more and more searches month after month, and is able to maintain that upward trajectory for more than six months. Basically, it's something people have proven they're interested in for more than just a blip in time. This year, it constitutes everything from homemade jam, to a new kind of dairy-free milk, and even a new superfood.

Here are the top 10 food trends you can expect to hear people talking about in 2019:

1. Oat milk will become the go-to alternative to dairy milk.

Oat milk is creamy (some might say even creamier than dairy milk), slightly sweet, and blends pretty perfectly with espresso to make delicious lattes and cappuccinos. So, it's no surprise the stuff is getting so much attention these days. In a BuzzFeed taste test of nondairy milks, most of us even preferred it over three other alternatives.

2. People will turn to foil pack dinners for busy weeknights.

Slow cookers acquainted us with the art of throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot and magically turning them into a delicious meal. Well, wouldn't you know β€” you can apply the exact same concept to foil pack dinners, which summon the power of steam to cook ingredients to rich and fragrant perfection. The best part of foil pack dinners? Easy clean up.

Get the recipe for foil pack Italian chicken and veggies.

3. Homemade jam will grace breakfast tables all over the world.

There's something so wholesome and rustic about making your own jam β€” a tone we hope all of 2019 adopts.

Get the recipe for rasberry chia seed jam.

4. Mushrooms will get bumped from supporting to starring roles in dishes and snacks.

Maybe it's because veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise, or maybe people are simply waking up to the meaty texture and full, savory flavor of mushrooms. Whatever the reason, you can expect more recipes β€” like grilled cheese sandwiches, quiches, and pasta dishes galore β€” that'll feature mushrooms as a main ingredient.

Get the recipe for grilled portobello mushrooms with garlic sauce.

5. Bread baking will become a kitchen obsession, drawing people who've otherwise avoided food trends up until now.

In the world of cooking, there are people who love cooking savory foods, people who love baking, and in the last group, there are the people who love β€” nay, are obsessed with β€” baking bread. It's an art and a science, but honestly, anyone can make a good, delicious loaf without getting into the nitty gritty.

Get the recipe for sourdough bread.

6. People will revitalize their eating patterns by going pegan (paleo + veganism).

The pegan diet is the combination of two already popular diets, paleo (no grains, dairy, legumes, or processed sugar) and veganism (no animal-based products), and designs meals around vegetables. A pegan diet isn't necessarily animal product-free though, but does restrict you to 4-6 ounces of meat per meal. It's also kind of cool because it sounds like one of Harry Potter's fantastic beasts. Read more about the pegan diet on mindbodygreen.

Get the recipe for kale salad with butternut squash, chickpeas, and tahini dressing.

7. Grazing tables (aka finger food) will bring friends and families together.

8. Infused water will help people stay hydrated.

2019 will apparently be the year of health, as we'll be elevating even mundane things like water to serve our greater health. Take this ginger water recipe, which supposedly promotes digestion and metabolism.

Get the recipe.

9. Tender, slow-cooked oxtail recipes will pull people through the cold season.

Oxtail (which is literally the tail of a cow) is a cut of meat that's bony, especially fatty, gelatinous, and widely used in soups and stews. You can best bring out its flavor by cooking it over a long period of time in a stew and thickening it up with a beef bouillon cube and starchy vegetables.

Get the recipe for slow cooker oxtail soup.

10. And last but not least, the new superfood of the moment will be the Mexican chayote.

Also known as chocho or pear squash, this light green, nutrient-filled squash is a staple ingredient in Mexico and Mexican cuisine. It's often used kind of like cucumbers are β€” either raw in salads, or cooked β€” and has experienced a surge in popularity due to its filling, low-carb, and consequently, keto-friendly, function.

Get the recipe for mock apple crumble using chayote squash.