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Here's What You'll Be Eating Next Year, According To Pinterest

Including a new superfood, a hybrid diet, and lots of bread.

There's a lot to look forward to in 2019, but best of all are new food trends that'll shake up the way you eat. To help you get excited, we looked at the Pinterest 100, the company's annual data-driven list of trends you can anticipate in the coming year.

Here are the top 10 food trends you can expect to hear people talking about in 2019:

1. Oat milk will become the go-to alternative to dairy milk.

2. People will turn to foil pack dinners for busy weeknights.

3. Homemade jam will grace breakfast tables all over the world.

4. Mushrooms will get bumped from supporting to starring roles in dishes and snacks.

5. Bread baking will become a kitchen obsession, drawing people who've otherwise avoided food trends up until now.

6. People will revitalize their eating patterns by going pegan (paleo + veganism).

7. Grazing tables (aka finger food) will bring friends and families together.

8. Infused water will help people stay hydrated.

9. Tender, slow-cooked oxtail recipes will pull people through the cold season.

10. And last but not least, the new superfood of the moment will be the Mexican chayote.