We Tasted Popular Nondairy Milks And Here's What We Actually Liked

    From soy milk, to oat milk, to pea milk, to... banana milk??

    Hi! I'm Michelle, and I'm lactose intolerant.

    Thankfully, there are a ton of dairy-free options popping up in the US these days, especially in the milk aisle.

    I rounded up four of the most popular alternatives — oat milk, banana milk, pea milk, and (for reference) soy milk — and put them to a taste test.

    To help taste test the options, I also enlisted the help of both a die-hard dairy lover (Marie) and a vegan (Rachel).

    We started off with soy milk, which we had all forgotten was so creamy and delicious.

    We then moved on to banana milk, which sounds like a fun kids' beverage, but honestly wasn't sweet enough and tasted watered down. 💧

    Pea milk had a nice, creamy consistency, but most of us weren't a fan of the flavor.

    Then we moved on to oat milk. Spoiler: It was our favorite!

    TL;DR: Super creamy, objectively tasty, and paired well with coffee and tea, ~oat milk~ was the winner here. The other options had their own pros too, and are worth a try of your own!

    What's your favorite alt milk? Let us know in the comments!