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Why Political Protest Has Stopped Working

In a world where most people and politicians ignore violence and rioting for political change. Has protesting become an ineffective tool of change?

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Riots have become the norm. You can't turn on a news station without witnessing scenes of violence. They can be scary, but what is more terrifying is that people don't seem to react to them anymore.

After the badly orchestrated "Take Back the Streets", "We are the 99%" protests, staging an uprising against the establishment is just met with a sigh.

"Ah here they go again, blocking traffic and shouting ridiculous chants"

I'm afraid I've become one of the people who view protesters as a nuisance who are wasting their time.

It's simple logic. If politicians barely bat an eyelid when people are throwing petrol bombs and burning effigies, are they really going to stand to attention when you arrive with a witty sign and a regional news reporter?

Protest outside the parliament in Ireland today.

Today many Irish voters gathered outside the Oireachtas (the Irish houses of Parliament) in protest everything and anything as the Irish politicians returned from their holidays. Most protesters are upset about the Bail out deal the Irish Government are receiving and the cuts the Government more than likely make in the next budget.

Is it pointless?

In my opinion it is. The protest was broadcast on the news and the radio today and will be forgotten tomorrow. The protest causes a mild inconvenience for the politicians today. What seemed to be covered most in the news was the disruption it caused to traffic in the capital. Can you imagine the main story from a protest that demonstrates the desperateness and anger of the Irish voter was the interruption of the flow of traffic it caused.

But can we be surprised. No we can't. If public representatives barely bat an eyelid anymore at violent protests, how can we expect them to be shaken by peaceful protests?

Dear Disgruntled Voters, I think it may be time to change your tactics

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