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What It's Like To Be On Your Feet For 12 Hours As Told By Tina Fey, Amy Poehler And Amy Schumer

My shift started at 2PM and it ended at 2AM...all because of a goddamn sale.

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Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3 - break time!

Hour 4 - back to work

Hour 5


Why are there teenagers in here? They never buy anything. All they do is leave a mess behind!

Hour 6


I'm judging you so hard for paying $50 for that piece of crap.

Hour 7 - time check: 8PM

Hour 8

Hour 9


Smile for the customers.

Hour 10 - time check: 11PM


End of operating hours. I've never been happier.

But that's just the beginning of another nightmare. Guess who has to clean and tidy the place now?

Hour 11

Hour 12 - time check: 1AM


Supper time. Because I deserved it. And because the last time I ate was almost 10 hours ago.

Time check: 4AM - I finally go to bed. I'm tired as hell but I can't sleep because

But tomorrow's a new day right?


Nah. Tomorrow will probably be the same or worse.

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