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20 Times Paget Brewster From "Criminal Minds" Was The Best Person On Twitter


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1. When she figured out what Twitter is really for.

STUPID MOSQUITO... IN THE KITCHEN. BITING ME. This is what twitter is for, right ? Nobody can help me or change this. STUPID MOSQUITO !

2. The time she spoke the truth about laundry day.

I regret buying a front loading washing machine. And some other decisions. But that first one is bugging me on laundry day.

3. When she was totally justified in overreacting about her chicken.

IT IS TENTED! It's all going to be okay! Sorry, my chicken will be okay. We're all going to Hell.

4. When she felt personally victimized by LinkedIn, as we all do.

What do I have to do to prove to Linkedin that I am NOT on Linkedin ?

5. When she was all of our mums when it comes to social media.

how in the hell does anyone do private messages ? I'm a mom at this stuff..


6. When she spoke the truth about wildlife.

The best thing about a loud police helicopter over the house for an hour is that blue heron won't come eat my pond fish.

7. When she said what we are all thinking 24/7, 365 days a freakin' year.

8. When she gave us this interesting bit of information we didn't know we needed.

Bad news... Fried gizzards are only good within an hour. After that, bad rubber. Not that there is a good rubber to eat..

9. The time she pondered about the future.

in my next life I want to come back as the dog on Downton Abbey. Or Maggie Smith. Or a really rich white man. Who is also gay...


10. When she wasn't afraid to admit her mistakes.

11. The time she gave pockets the praise they deserve.

Everything needs pockets . Dresses, skirts, pants, jackets. GET IT TOGETHER FASHION !!

12. When she was really great at technology in general.

Holy Crap! That was a test! I can tweet from my phone! It's a great day!!

13. When getting drunk was an art.

Help me out, I'm doing @drunkhistory again soon and apparently, I'm "too sober sounding" on wine but I'm MEAN on saké. Any ideas ?

14. When she proved her strange expertise on flies.

Do flies know how doors work ? I think if I lock a fly in a room it will die in one minute. Wait. Do I know how flies work ?


15. When she revealed her true Gotham identity.

I am my own Batman . And I married another Batman . @stevedamstra

16. When she said the magic words.

17. When her pet praying mantis, Clams Casino, passed away. 💔

Clams Casino. 2012-2012. Rest In Peace. You will be missed.

18. When she was Shemar Moore.

Yo, yo, Shemar here. Owls freak me out. They do. The expression on their faces is like they're gonna blackmail me or some shit.

19. And when she was a ~total diva~ on set.

Those were the days... @K_T_Rib pushing me to set in a grip cart... I miss my pals. Won't lie...

Never stop tweeting, Paget.


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