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13 Times "Fresh Off The Boat" Nailed What It Was Like To Grow Up In A Chinese Family

"You love me? What are you hiding?"

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1. You still do what you're told to because that was how you were trained.

2. These words still had you shaking in your boots.

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Getting a B is as good as getting a death sentence.

3. You've asked yourself if something was "too much".

4. The reason why you never went to the beach without sunblock.

5. Your parents never bothered to sugar-coat their words because they were preparing you for the real world.

6. Back-to-school shopping was never exciting for you.

7. You threw up in your mouth a little when this happened.


8. Your mum always made sure you knew that she did everything for you for free.

9. You've seen this at least once in your life.

10. You still take those little bottles of complimentary shampoo just because.

11. You're fluent in at least two languages thanks to your parents.

12. Your parents are the reason you're a realist and not a romantic.


"You should've just given me the money."

13. You still found it hard to say these three words to your family.

But no matter how hard your parents were on you, you knew they only did it because they love you.

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