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    We Tried Selena Gomez's Sweat Routine For A Week And It Was A Challenge

    It was *hot.*

    What's up internet? We're Michelle and Jordan. In the past, we've tried some pretty insane shit.

    We were recently inspired by our coworkers Lara and Nina to check out Selena-Gomez-approved urban sweat lodge, Shape House. We wanted to see what would happen if we sweat every day for a full week. Check out the video of our experience here:

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    First, we met up with Sophie Chiche, the founder of Shape House, to learn more about the health risks, benefits, and what we were getting into.

    Once we were cleared to sweat, our first day began. We put on these cute cotton outfits:

    Then, we got tucked in for the first 55-minute sweat sesh.

    The first 10 minutes were nice and cozy...but the rest of the time was pretty damn tough.

    The first day turned out okay, but the rest of the week was when the real challenge began. On day 2, Michelle got a dehydration headache.

    Jordan's hands got tingly and she got light-headed.

    As the week progressed, we got more used to the heat. We learned a lot about our bodies and how to take hydration way more seriously than we had before.

    However, even though we did the challenge for a full week, we weren't sure about the benefits we received. Jordan's sleep stayed about the same.

    But all in all, we appreciated the experience and definitely recommend you try it out if you are interested. Until next time!