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Watch One Woman Absolutely Rock Wedding Dresses Around India

Distinct cultural and traditional looks that will leave you breathless.

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This video shows one woman giving life to various ceremonial traditions and Indian wedding looks. Please be advised that this video is absolutely stunning.

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A saree is a single-piece garment that brides from South India typically wear. It is an unstitched fabric that measures five to nine yards, wrapped intricately to form a dress.

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A lehenga is a top and skirt pair that is common for brides to wear in North India.

Red and gold are traditional colors for Indian bridal outfits.

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Red has a significant presence within Indian culture. It represents wealth, good fortune, prosperity, and is associated with passion as well as purity.

Brides adorn themselves in gold to invoke the goddess Lakshmi and her blessings of prosperity.

The tikka headpiece symbolizes the third eye, ajna chakra.

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These adornments are held in place by hooks hidden within the bride’s hair. It is meant to stave off bad energy and symbolizes the third eye or ajna chakra, a gateway towards wisdom.


Mehndi (or henna) is the traditional art of decorating the hands and feet with beautiful, intricate patterns.

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The henna application process can take several hours, and is a celebratory event to honor and pamper the bride. It is a North Indian tradition for the names of the bride and groom to be hidden in the design, and the groom must find both names on the wedding night.

The jaimala is the exchange of flower garlands, symbolizing the union of the partners.

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This ritual dates back to ancient times, when the garland was originally symbolic of a couple’s engagement. The jaimala ceremony is symbolic of a commitment to respect one another and a gesture of acceptance as partners.

The havan (fire igniting) invokes Agni, the god of fire, who acts as a divine witness to the ceremony.

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Havan is one of the most important parts of the ceremony, when marital commitments are made before the gods. Agni, the fire god, is present to act as the messenger between the couple and the rest of the gods. The newlywed couple makes offerings such as grains, herbs, incense, and spices.

The rajaham is the offering of rice from the bride and groom as a sacrifice to the sacred fire.