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People Re-Created Photos Of Their Ancestors And It Was Surprisingly Emotional

After hearing stories about our ancestors for so long, we decided to see what it would be like to transform into them.

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For many children of immigrants, their roots and culture play such a formative part in they people they are and will become. So, we gave five people dramatic makeovers to re-create their archived family photos and turn them into their ancestors.

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Andy's great-great-grandfather came to America from Northern Iran around the turn of the century, to escape the massacres at the time.

At one point, Andy's grandfather was cornered and told he must deny his faith or be shot, but he boldly refused. Luckily, there will no bullets in the gun, and his grandfather narrowly escaped death.


Jenny worked her grandmother's look perfectly. "For me it was a big deal just moving across country. But to know you're never gonna see your family again... and no communication except a phone call every now and then, that's just — what?!"


"I only know the cultural things that she's passed down to me. So, to be able to wear this and have a connection to not only her, but also my grandmother who owned this, it's really nice... because I don't always get to share those things with her."


Originally, Ochi's grandfather came to America first and was sending money back to their family. Ochi's grandmother decided it was more important for the family to be together, so she sold all their possessions and followed her husband to America.