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Daughters Recreated Old Photos Of Their Moms And It Was Cute As Shit

"My heart is racing!!"

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An adult mother-daughter relationship can be as complicated as it is rewarding. It can be hard to imagine what our mothers were like when they were our age. So we asked three women to re-create old pictures of their moms and it was amazing.

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First, we asked mothers and daughters to talk about their relationships. Michelle and Laura have a super close bond.

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"I'm re-creating a picture of you when you were 23, which is how old I am now."


Jenny's relationship with Yolanda went through some ups and downs. "I remember a phase of not wanting to hang out with you in my teens, and then from my early twenties until now, you're one of my best friends."


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"A lot of kids told me when I was younger that I don't look like my mom...but I think I have a lot of her physical features, and the only difference is skin color."

"She makes the cookies for all my friends, she does our laundry, she has us over for movie nights... She was married and had a child when she was my age, and I'm nowhere close to that."

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"I think she was a lot more ahead in her life at the age of 25 than I am."


Jenny and Yolanda could be sisters, TBH.

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All the daughters reflected on how much work and love their moms had given them, and all the moms were a little nostalgic for when their kids were little!