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    10 Funniest Disney Memes

    Disney was part of our childhood but there's no way you can't appreciate a funny-as-hell Disney meme!

    1. Cliched Love Story


    Because f*ck logic.

    2. Men. / Via

    Men. So predictable.

    3. Educational / Via

    I've learned so much from Disney.

    4. Definitely not racist. / Via

    Adding to our values from a young age.

    5. Predicts the future. / Via

    Well, color me purple!

    6. Gives you font options / Via

    Now you know!

    7. Semantics didn't exist. / Via

    I mean, does 'AGHHHHEYEYAYAYAAAAAAR Ahhhhhhh...ahh..ah..ah...ah......AaAaaaaaaaaAaAaaaaaaaahh a-a-a-ahhhh a-a-a-ahhhhhhhhhh ' need to have an accent?

    8. Hey Macklemore, wanna go disney shopping? / Via

    STOP! It's Disney time!

    9. Intellectualism. / Via

    Deep bro, real deep.

    10. Say NO to drugs, kids. / Via

    But it's okay if we delude you with princess stories and talking animals.

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