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The 15 Emotional Phases Of Your First Marathon

It's a wild ride.

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1. 3 a.m. - Anxiety

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You can't sleep because you're thinking about the race, which makes you nervous about being overtired for the race, which makes you less able to sleep.

2. 5 a.m. - Energy


You spring out of bed at the first sound of your alarm. This has never happened before in your life. You are amazed.

3. Breakfast - Nausea

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Your stomach is turning with anticipation but you bravely persevere through that bagel because carbs are your friend.

4. Start Line - Exhilaration

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The air is buzzing with camaraderie and excitement. Strangers wish you luck and you beam.

5. Mile 1 - Acceptance


After months of work, you are here and there is nothing you can do about it now. You ease into the race.

6. Mile 6 - Affection


The spectators and volunteers make this race easier and more fun than any of your training runs. They hold funny signs and hand out Gatorade and orange slices. You smile at everyone.

7. Mile 12 - Pride


You are killing it. You are such a boss it's unbelievable. You are stronger than pain. You are invincible.

8. Mile 15 - Discomfort


Ok, some pain is creeping up and maybe it's comparable in strength to you. But it's NBD; you've done runs this long before.

9. Mile 18 - Love


You see your family. You have never loved them so much in your whole life. They are such beautiful people you can't stand it. And then you're past them in a second, but they have given you the strength to go on.

10. Mile 20/The Wall - Doubt


You've started the countdown of how many miles to the end. 6 sounds like a lot. Will you make it? You honestly don't know.

11. Mile 23 - Misery

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This race is never going to end. Ever. You are going to live your whole life and then die while running this race. You might start to cry a little bit but then hold back the tears because you have no water to spare.

12. Final Stretch - Hope

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You can see the finish line. "Just finish this and you never have to run again," you promise yourself. This is the best possible motivation.

13. Finish line - Joy


You are on top of the world. You did it! You ran your first marathon! You are your favorite person in the world. You vow to never take off your medal as long as you live.

14. Afternoon - Exhaustion

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After sitting down for lunch, you discover how hard it is to get up. Like, impossibly hard. You avoid stairs at all costs.

15. Eventually - Nostalgia

You already miss it: the challenge, the support, the sense of accomplishment. You start browsing the websites of other marathons, eager to do it all again -- and maybe to beat your time.

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