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    20 Tweets About Joe Goldberg That Are As Funny As They Are True

    "He be killing people and still be able to text back, don’t settle for less ladies."

    Joe Goldberg is back for even more chaos in Season 3 of You.

    Netflix / Via

    If you've ever giggled at his not-so-secretive baseball hat disguise or every time he questions whether or not someone is flirting with him, you're not alone there.

    Netflix / Via

    We've rounded up the funniest tweets all about You's leading man, Joe. Check them out below:


    hmm you liked a tweet…not just any tweet but MY tweet. with all these people tweeting tonight, you liked MINE while scrolling through the tl. what was it that intrigued you? i need to know more. i need to know what you’re thinking.

    Netflix / Twitter: @tayswizl


    Baby daddy joe is what we all needed this year #YouNetflix

    Netflix / Twitter: @kindacraybae


    13 minutes in and Joe’s already got the cap on. 😂 #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @OnlyFans____


    Every time Joe tries his best to be on the straight and narrow Love: #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Twitter: @blkgirlvents


    Plans out his murders, Just do has a cover story, & it 🤣 is able to fully backtrack & cover everything up #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Netflix / Twitter: @DRESPITFACTS


    Whenever Joe says, "Are you flirting with me?" #younetflix

    Twitter: @thecherrieberry


    Joe finding out that he’s not actually invisible when he’s stalking people and wearing his hat #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3

    Twitter: @Holliaietan


    joe trying to decide whether to become obsessed w another girl or not #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @hous1ebaby


    Joe checking his phone and seeing love’s killed someone again #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @brookeyork99


    Me whenever Joe Goldberg says “You” #YouNetflix

    Sony Pictures / Twitter: @arlmuts


    This is how Joe's gonna look when he's stalking in S4 of You, or should I say "Vous" #YouNetflix #YouS3

    Twitter: @ricekrispymeat


    Me when Joe chopped his toes off in order to fake his death #younetflix #YOUSEASON3

    E! / Twitter: @fullyperplexed


    Welcome to fourth season of "Joe in Paris" #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Netflix / Twitter: @thugglife92


    he be killing people and still be able to text back, don’t settle for less ladies.

    Netflix / Twitter: @t3ebetttt


    joe is really just now figuring out that he has mommy issues ?!? #yous3 #younetflix #youseason3

    FX / Twitter: @rarebadgley


    joe: *picks up the baby* the baby: #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @loneamorphous


    Girl: ‘hi’ Joe Goldberg: ‘You are flirting with me’

    Twitter: @_yourmumsfave


    #YouNetflix: Joe: "I have always believed in the one" me:

    Twitter: @stankrypto


    A friendly reminder now that You Season 3 is finally out

    Twitter: @netflix


    Me - I hate toxic men Also me - joe goldberg is a victim #younetflix

    Netflix / Twitter: @laumoon_lala

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