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    Here's Where You've Seen The Cast Of "American Horror Story: Double Feature" Before

    Don't sleep on this AHS cast.

    If you haven't started watching American Horror Story: Double Feature yet, this is the sign that you should.

    After nearly two years since AHS: 1984 dropped, Season 10 officially premiered last week, and it's just what fans have been waiting for. And if you're looking for your new Wednesday night obsession, chances are this TV show will be it.

    Come back next week for another dose. #AHSDoubleFeature

    FX / Twitter: @AHSFX

    With a mix of fresh faces and iconic fan favorites, AHS: Double Feature is the perfect show to add to your watchlist as we head into ~spooky season~.

    Can't get enough of the cast? We've rounded up other TV shows and movies you can catch your favorite characters in. Check it out below:

    Sarah Paulson plays Tuberculosis Karen

    Sarah Paulson on the red carpet

    Evan Peters plays Austin Sommers

    Finn Wittrock plays Harry Gardner

    Lily Rabe plays Doris Gardner

    Lily Rabe on the red carpet

    Ryan Kiera Armstong plays Alma Gardner

    Frances Conroy plays Belle Noir

    Frances Conroy on the red carpet

    Leslie Grossman plays Ursula

    Billie Lourd plays Lark

    Adina Porter plays Chief Burelson

    Angelica Ross plays The Chemist

    Macaulay Culkin plays Mickey

    Denis O'Hare plays Holden

    What do you think of AHS: Double Feature so far? Let us know in the comments!