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    McLovin From "Superbad" Officially Turned 40, And Everyone Wants To Wish Him A Happy Birthday

    "I am McLovin!"

    McLovin is one of the best characters in Superbad, hands down.

    Giphy / Via

    And today officially marks his 40th birthday! That is, if you believe the ridiculously hilarious fake ID all the way from Hawaii...

    Giphy / Via

    While Christopher Mintz-Plasse is actually only 31 IRL, it didn't stop anyone from wishing his organ-donor alter ego a very happy birthday.

    Seth Rogen co-starred in Superbad and made sure to mark the milestone event on Twitter:

    Happy 40th birthday McLovin. (We wrote this joke when we were 14 years old)

    Sony Pictures / Twitter: @Sethrogen

    Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt also chimed in with some festive birthday emojis:

    Happy 40th birthday, McLOVIN. 🌈🍻🍹

    Sony Pictures / Twitter: @hitRECordJoe

    And last but not least, McLovin himself couldn't help but join in on the fun with this Instagram story:

    Chris Mintz-Plasse celebrating McLovin's birthday
    Sony Pictures / @mintzplasse / Via Instagram: @mintzplasse

    So enjoy the big 4-0 McLovin! That fake ID is pretty much the most memorable one of all time.

    Sony Pictures / Via

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