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    17 Reactions To Netflix's "Operation Christmas Drop" That Are So Relatable

    The holidays are heading to the tropics.

    With the holidays right around the corner, our festive binge-watch has been well on its way. Netflix is getting us into the spirit with Operation Christmas Drop.

    Erica and Andrew from Operation Christmas Drop

    The Holiday Calendar's Kat Graham and The Hunger Games' Alexander Ludwig bring their on-screen chemistry to the roles of Erica and Andrew.

    Erica and Andrew flying in Operation Christmas Drop

    We've rounded up our favorite fan reactions to the film so far. Take a look below:


    Watching #OperationChristmasDrop on Netflix for the plot @KatGraham 💕 The plot:


    HELP i was curious and watched the beginning of operation christmas drop and they really want us to believe this CGI lizard exists on guam


    the gecko they edited in operation christmas drop had me ROLLING😂😂😂😂


    Not Operation Christmas Drop saying that Guam doesn’t have doctors and stores. 😭😭


    So the girl who was in holiday calendar is in operation Christmas drop. So is just she and Vanessa Hudgens competing for Christmas movies over at Netflix or


    watching operation christmas drop just to see the beaches we can't access anymore 😌❤


    anyone else taking a shot for every familiar face they see on Operation Christmas Drop!!!!


    Is it too early to start watching christmas movies #operationChristmasDrop 🍿🎬

    9. movies...for..............December... *hits play on ‘Holidate’* *adds ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ to queue*



    Tears running down my face deffo sending out the right message ❤️ #OperationChristmasDrop 🎄🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼 @KatGraham


    Omg that dancing scene, make me unsee it😩😩 #OperationChristmasDrop


    Operation Christmas Drop on Netflix just stole my heart♥️ Just cried of happiness, I must be getting soft🤦🏽‍♀️


    I'm watching @netflix 's #operationchristmasdrop and Cato grew up. lol.


    Hit play on Operation Christmas Drop on Netflix. All I know is it is enemies-to-lovers forced proximity and that is my jam.


    Not me sitting on my couch sobbing to the @netflix new movie #OperationChristmasDrop😭💕


    #OperationChristmasDrop was such a a cute perfect and sweet story full of love. Perfect because it will break you away from what’s happening in the real world. Loved it for being extra sweet.