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    21 Posts That Prove Alfie Has Stolen The Show (And Our Hearts) In Season 2 Of "Emily In Paris"

    Gabriel who?

    Raise your hand if you're officially team Alfie.

    Season 2 of Emily in Paris debuted in December, and fans have been crushing on Lucien Laviscount (aka Alfie) ever since.

    Alfie in Emily in Paris

    I mean, who can blame them with that ~dreamy~ accent and those tall, dark, and handsome good looks?

    Lucien Laviscount in Emily in Paris

    If you can't get enough of the British actor, you're going to love these hilariously accurate posts appreciating all things Alfie. Take a look and get ready to swoon:

    For those who haven't watched, spoilers ahead! 


    "i'm watching emily in paris season 2 for the plot." the plot: #EmilyInParis2 #EmilyInParis

    Netflix / Twitter: @MCsaints


    Sorry, but we're Team Alfie! 😍 #EmilyInParis

    Netflix / Twitter: @NetflxUpdates


    Alfie >>> Gabriel 😮‍💨😮‍💨 if u have watched Emily in Paris u will know x

    Twitter: @abidickson01




    The best thing about Season 2 of #EmilyInParis

    Netflix / Twitter: @Livie81


    Alfie. Emily in Paris Season 2. You know I’m right. 👀

    Netflix / Twitter: @GeorgieHeath27


    alfie from the new season of emily in paris might be the most attractive man I’ve ever seen in my life. I meaaaaan 😍

    Netflix / Twitter: @caitlinedixon


    Emily in Paris grew on me. And it’s 100% because Alfie came to town. 🤩 #EmilyinParis

    Netflix / Twitter: @AmariLevy


    Alfie from Emily in Paris is making me feel some type of way. Mans a perfect 10 🥵

    Twitter: @prakritee


    Umm Alfie is soooo fine like wtf … I love Gabriel but i wouldn’t be mad if Emily ended up with Alfie… just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️#EmilyInParis2 #EmilyInParis

    Twitter: @Blackme1619


    Kinda have a crush on Alfie from Emily in Paris.

    Twitter: @Mehrandom2


    I actually really love Emily in Paris I don’t care what other people say 🙈 also I’m team Alfie

    Twitter: @EllaPangilinanx




    Not even exaggerating but these two have so much chemistry. #EmilyInParis

    Netflix / Twitter: @pechesss


    Accidentally binged Emily In Paris & Alfie is soooo😭

    Netflix / Twitter: @majlrae


    I’m watching Emily in Paris for Alfie and Alfie alone. #EmilyInParis

    Twitter: @lexibree123


    NBC / Twitter: @Cristin_Alexann


    Enemies to lover proving it superiority as a trope with Emily and Alfie #EmilyInParis2 #EmilyInParis

    Netflix / Twitter: @_baecathy


    Whewww… Alfie on Emily in Paris.

    Twitter: @tbellaa__


    I’m really rooting for Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) but I also don’t want my mans being a rebound. #EmilyInParis

    NBC / Twitter: @willbewatchin


    Have I binge watched #EmilyInParis in full, 3 times since s2 was released? Yes. Why? Because I’m a sucker for a love story. And Lucien (Alfie) is hot as fuck.

    Twitter: @spoonydevil

    Emily in Paris fans: Are you team Alfie? Let us know in the comments!