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    19 Seriously Adorable Instagram Photos Of Lucien Laviscount That You'll Want To Double Tap Immediately

    The swoon meter is off the charts.

    Allow me to introduce you to Lucien Laviscount.

    Lucien Laviscount on the red carpet

    You may recognize him as Earl Grey from Scream Queens.

    Lucien Laviscount playing Earl Grey in scream queens with a shocked expression on his face

    Or when he was Alexander Cabot in Katy Keene.

    Lucien Laviscount playing Alexander Cabot is Katy Keene

    Now he's playing a total love boat named Alfie on Netflix's Emily in Paris, where he's completely stolen the show (and our hearts along the way).

    Need even more of this rising star in your life? Check out some of his cutest Instagram photos to date, and give him a follow at @its_lucien while you're at it:

    1. To start, there's this ~dreamy~ view:

    2. When he made a white tank look way too good:

    3. This self-portrait showcasing his strong beard game:

    4. When he achieved that model-status stare you couldn't possibly look away from:

    5. That time you wish you were chasing waterfalls with this British babe:

    6. When he was enjoying the sun and sand in Tulum:

    7. This poolside photograph that'll make you want to take a dip:

    8. When he shared this all-smiles moment from the city of love:

    9. This photo op that'll give you a serious case of wanderlust:

    10. When he was showing off his chiseled physique in Antigua:

    11. This adorable duo:

    12. This sweet black-and-white selfie that'll make you smile:

    13. That time he rocked almost every shade of blue:

    14. Just hanging around like he's on cloud nine:

    15. This postcard-worthy moment in Joshua Tree:

    16. Yet another picture-perfect moment by the beach:

    17. When he was going for that candid gaze in Barbados:

    18. Another photo that might make you just a little thirsty:

    19. Finally, one more ~gem~ for the road:

    What's the most memorable role you've seen Lucien in? Share your pick in the comments!