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Leslie Jordan's Funniest Posts That Helped Us Survive 2020

A little laughter soothes the soul.

Since 2020 has been the one that never seems to end, finding something to make it just a tad bit brighter has been an absolute must. That's where actor Leslie Jordan comes in.

The Will & Grace and American Horror Story star has been gracing our social feeds with heartwarmingly hilarious posts since the COVID-19 lockdown took the world by storm earlier this year.

I've rounded up the actor's best and most iconic posts that helped me survive 2020 with some laughs. Check them out below:

1. If you're still bored as hell:

2. When mornings are seriously not your thing:

3. For those who can't stop dreaming of going back to the gym:

4. This innovative invention that could only be sparked in quarantine:

5. When you decide to start a meditation routine:

6. When you were contemplating giving yourself a quarantine cut:

7. When you're feeling a little frisky:

8. The ultimate exercise video you never knew you needed:

9. When you remember hearing "WAP" for the first time ever:

10. Finally, when this video was way too relatable:

What's your favorite Leslie Jordan post? Tell us in the comments!