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    17 Fan Reactions To The TV Adaptation Of "Interview With The Vampire" That Prove It's Worth Watching This Halloween Season

    BRB, falling for a vampire...

    Louis and Lestat are back in action just in time for the Halloween season.

    Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid in Interview with the Vampire

    Anne Rice's iconic novel, Interview with the Vampire, was recently adapted as a TV show for AMC. Set in New Orleans, the new series stars Jacob Anderson, Sam Reid, Eric Bogosian, and Bailey Bass.

    Jacob Anderson, Bailey Bass and Sam Reid

    If you've already made your way through the first few episodes or are just about to get started, here's a quick overview of what fans are saying about IWTV so far. Take a look:


    interview with the vampire is my comfort show. yes it’s about gay vampires who murder a lot of people but that’s not the point

    Twitter: @paulswhtn


    Interview with the vampire literally the most romantic show ever like it awakens a feral feeling in me i want to rip my skin off

    Twitter: @atomicvirgo


    lestat doing a 180° turn in under 5 minutes: #InterviewWithTheVampire

    AMC / Twitter: @nocontextlestat


    Interview with the vampire just keeps getting better and better every week

    Twitter: @keyon


    This man is perfect. I'll never stop talking about how perfect Jacob Anderson is playing Louis #InterviewWithTheVampire

    AMC / Twitter: @iamjoow


    Erotica not dead y’all just need to watch the Interview with the Vampire television series

    Twitter: @BriMalandro


    Frankly I can't believe NO ONE is talking about Louis having kept the card Lestat gave him for over 200 years #InterviewWithTheVampire

    AMC / Twitter: @IcyHotBxstxrd


    Lestat is so unserious 🤭#InterviewWithTheVampire #IWTV

    AMC / Twitter: @meeb90


    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Interview With the Vampire is the most romantic show I’ve seen in ages.

    Twitter: @robertcyoung


    they're an absolute raging dumpster fire of a couple but i love them your honor #InterviewWithTheVampire

    AMC / Twitter: @nolanleaks


    #InterviewWithTheVampire lestat: "i like a little variety" louis: "so i can fuck whoever i want?" lestat:

    AMC / Twitter: @belllmonts


    Sunday is for rest and watching Interview with the Vampire, it says so right there in the Bible

    Twitter: @AshiaMonet


    Is this not the same image #iwtv #interviewwiththevampire

    Twitter: @lestats_a_wh0re


    if you told me a year ago that we’d get a plotline on the interview with the vampire show where lestat opens the relationship and then gets jealous when louis fucks someone else i’d have died on the spot

    Twitter: @lestat_thinker


    There's people saying Louis doesn't love Lestat, and then there's Louis being afraid he's not enough for Lestat #iwtv #iwtvspoilers #interviewwiththevampire

    AMC / Twitter: @mrswhite2612


    Interview with the Vampire has no right to be as good as it is. I hate having to wait a week between episodes to see my messy vampire boyfriends.

    Twitter: @popgal305


    Nickelodeon / AMC / Twitter: @white_rosee

    What do you think of Interview with the Vampire so far? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!