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    People Are Getting Real About The Rising Cost Of Everything From Food To Pets

    Cue the Destiny's Child song "Bills, Bills, Bills."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the daily necessities that seem to keep getting pricier and pricier. Here's some of what they had to say:

    1. "Nowadays, it's cheaper for me to get Dollar Menu items from McDonald's than it is to make a good, heathy meal."

    McDonald's restaurant

    2. "It's just about everything: food, clothes, cars, subscriptions to streaming content, hygiene items, furniture, toner for my printer."

    3. "Cellphone service. I remember being in high school, and my parents agreed to buy me a cellphone if I paid the bill, and I was easily able to pay it with my 12-hour-a-week retail job. These days, my cellphone bill is more than my car insurance."

    Someone holding a cellphone

    4. "Pets. They were always a type of luxury, sure, but now I see people who have three cats and two dogs and I'm like, you rich or something? I can hardly keep up with my babies. I love them, I will never give them up, but having them six years ago vs. now, it's crazy how much more expensive they are to keep. I've already told my husband that unless something changes, this is it. When they go, no more pets. We simply cannot afford them."

    A dog and cat on a bed

    5. "Very few brands of boxed hair color actually work on my resistant grays. Those brands are now almost as expensive as a professional root touch-up. Why struggle with blindly slapping dye on the back of my head when I can have a salon do it for $5 more?"

    A person dyeing their hair at home

    6. "Cat food. The regular stuff now costs what the 'fancy weekend treat' stuff cost this time last year. Yes, I give my cat special weekend breakfast, and I'm not ashamed of that."

    A cat looking at a bowl of food

    7. "Food and drinks in general, honestly. Shrinkflation is a real problem. Take Gatorade, for example. The same bottles we've had since we were kids have gotten smaller and yet more expensive. Their twisted spin on it: They are now more transportable for those on the go, and ergonomically a better fit in your palms. *eye roll*"

    8. "I'm sorry, but Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ — no streaming service, unless maybe it's a news channel, is a necessity. I can live without watching movies and TV shows, but I can't live without medicine, food, or even a home."

    9. "Everything! It's either getting more expensive, smaller, or both, everything from clothing to groceries, gas, and rent."

    Someone pumping gas

    10. "Our oil bill is usually $600 monthly despite a 'mild winter' in Connecticut. Unfortunately for us, the oil heats up the water for our showers and everything else besides heating the house."

    Someone holding a bunch of bills in different denominations

    11. "Netflix."

    Someone watching Netflix

    12. "What really frustrates me is that our food prices are increasing, and the package sizes keep decreasing. It's horrible."

    Grocery aisle

    13. "Mortgages have gone up with the rising interest rates."

    House with a "for sale" sign

    14. "Everything. Absolutely fucking everything."

    What else would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.