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    16 Seriously Relatable Fan Reactions To The Season 5 Trailer Of "Riverdale"

    Here we go again.

    It's official. Riverdale is heading back to our televisions for what looks like a drama-filled Season 5. From love triangles to senior prom, this season is going to leave no stone unturned as we prepare for more adventures with Veronica, Archie, Jughead, and Betty.

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    After the new trailer dropped, Riverdale fans had some serious feelings about it. The new season is set to premiere on January 20, 2021. Check out the best reactions so far below:


    my 4 moods watching the riverdale trailer



    i think jughead's suit is burgundy to match betty's dress. bughead matching at prom😭 #riverdale


    Me when the #RiverdaleSeason5 trailer inevitably makes everyone angry because it's not exactly what they want...


    Guys🥺 #bughead #bugheadseason5 #Riverdale


    "Something happened between Betty and Archie" #riverdale


    They just fit so perfectly together. 😍 I LOVE THEM #varchie #Riverdale I am prepared for the angst though...


    every emotion i will be feeling while watching the riverdale season 5 trailer:


    I just saw the #RiverdaleSeason5 trailer and i loved it till the part when Veronica founds out about Betty and Archie :((



    Choni and Bughead need to be ENDGAME ✨ PERIODT


    been a few months since we’ve seen Veronica Lodge, and damn i missed my best girl 🥺 #Riverdale


    if y'all like jughead why would you want him with someone who cheated on him with his best friend? same goes with veronica. #barchieseason5 #riverdale


    Me waiting for Riverdale season 5 trailer :


    veronica is crying because she found out about betty and archie cheating meanwhile betty and jughead are having pity sex, by the looks of it at least... none of y’all won


    one last toast to senior year #riverdale

    What are your thoughts on the new Riverdale trailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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