19 Adorable Celeb Pets That'll Make You Say "Awwww!"

    Two words: freakin' cute.

    Who doesn't love cute animals? I've rounded up some of the most adorable celeb pets living their best lives in Hollywood. Take a look:

    1. To start, here's Jake Manley and his sweet doggo Rupert:

    2. Here's Zendaya and her precious black mini Schnauzer, Noon:

    3. Here's Emilia Clarke celebrating 2023 with her four-legged friend Ted:

    4. Here's Lana Condor all smiles with her pup Timmy:

    5. Here's Chrissy Teigen hanging out with three of her four pooches:

    6. Here's Jimmy Fallon having a picture-perfect photo opp with his pal Gary:

    7. Here's Lily Collins with her hubby Charlie McDowell and too-cute-for-words doggie, Redford:

    8. Here's Colton Underwood with his new friend Scout:

    9. Here's Megan Thee Stallion and her better half, 4oe Thee Frenchie:

    10. Here's Henry Cavill's number one workout buddy, Kal:

    11. Here's Gino striking a pose with his pawrent Nick Jonas:

    12. Here's Taylor Swift's cute kitty cat:

    13. Here's Kaley Cuoco with her rescue Chihuahua named Dumps:

    14. Here's Mark Ruffalo's charming companion looking regal on the kitchen counter:

    15. Here's Nicole Kidman's very first floof, Julian:

    16. Here's Hilary Duff's gang of fur babies:

    17. Here's Selena Gomez hugging her fave pooches, Daisy and Winnie:

    18. Here's Nina Dobrev out and about with her pupper Maverick:

    19. And finally, here's Sophie Turner doing her dog mom thing:

    Do you have a pet? Tell us about them in the comments!