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Only True Fans Will Score At Least 80% On This "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Character Quiz

Cast a character spell.

  1. To start, what's Sabrina's nickname?

  2. What's Prudence's last name?

  3. Who is Batibat?

  4. Who possesses Mrs. Wardwell?

  5. Who isn't part of the Weird Sisters?

  6. Tell us Theo's last name.

  7. Who does Hilda get engaged to?

  8. What is Sabrina's mother's name?

  9. Who was trapped in the Spellman Mortuary?

  10. Who owns the gentleman's club for warlocks?

  11. Who is the witch originally caring for Leticia in the woods?

  12. Who becomes the High Priestess after marrying Faustus?

  13. What kind of animal is Salem?

  14. Dorothea is related to which character?

  15. Finally, what is Caliban formed from?

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